How to Bully-Proof Your Child

Learning how to bully-proof your child is a great way for parents to take an active role in protecting their child against all different types of bullying. Taking a stand against bully by learning how to bully-proof your child is a great way to prevent bullying from continuing to spread among today’s youth.

Bullying Interventions – Stop Bullies Now

With the growing problem of bullying among children and teens, bullying interventions are becoming more and more of a responsibility of parents and teachers. Bullying interventions are necessary to prevent bullying or to stop it before it goes too far.

How to Handle Bullies

There are a few different ways you can teach your child how to handle bullies. If your child is a victim of bulling in school, at home or cyberbulling, it can be a tough time for them. That is why it is important to teach them how to handle bullies as soon as possible.

Bullying Victims – Helping People that Have Been Bullied

When it comes to bullying victims, it becomes apparent that bullying has serious and lasting effects. Bullying victims often experience a series of emotional problems that can last the rest of their lifetime. The effects of bullying are detrimental and dangerous for the victim.

Bullying Quiz

With bullying becoming an increasing problem with today’s youth, taking this bullying quiz can help determine if your child is a bully or is being victimized by a bully. It is important to watch out for the warning signs listed in our bullying quiz so you can help help your child.

Stop Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has become a serious problem for young people and can cause long-term damage to victims and bullies. It is important to stop cyber bullying and get help for the people involved, but it can be hard to know how to stop cyber bullying. Parents and other concerned adults can work together with young people to prevent or stop cyber bullying.

Stop Bullying Now Review

Stop Bullying Now! is a web site about bullying provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The goal of Stop Bullying Now! is to educate kids, parents, teachers, and other adults about bullying and how to handle it. This review discusses some of the features, highlights, and uses of the Stop Bullying Now! web site.

OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Program

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) claims the be the bullying program based on the most research and the the world’s foremost bullying prevention program. This article provides a Olweus Bullying Prevention Program review and helps define bullying.

Parenting a Bully

Parenting a bully can be tough. Parents should learn what bullying means and the consequences it can have for the bully. There are some important ways that parents can help their children learn to not be a bully. Find tips for parenting a bully here.

Prevent Bullying

One way to stop bullying is to take steps to prevent bullying from starting. Some ways to prevent bullying is through providing a bully policy, consequences for bullies, and educating potential victims of bullying. Keep reading for more tips on preventing bullying.